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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for December 17, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Mason Crosby, staying hot, and goals beyond a division title.

David Banks

Holy cats, you guys. The Green Bay Packers, who looked like they were in very serious trouble early in this season, have won the NFC North with two games to spare. We know that they'll get to play at least one home playoff game, and a first round bye is still possible. It's a good day.

Today's edition of Cheese Curds features stories on the Bears game in general, Mason Crosby, and how a division title isn't good enough.

Packers hot and playing the right way |

I hate the phrase 'playing the right way'. As if there is one correct way to play the game of football.

Packers vs. Bears: The Aftermath | Cheesehead TV

A reminder: Jay Cutler is still Jay Cutler.

Champions of the North: 'We're just getting started' | Green Bay Press-Gazette

I hope so.

McCarthy: Slumping Crosby still 'our guy' | FOX Sports Wisconsin

At this point, I no longer trust the coaching staff on Mason Crosby, nor do I have faith in him to perform his job adequately for the rest of this season. I hope to be proven wrong, though I am pretty sure that I won't be, and I can only hope that Crosby's future missed kicks do not cost the team a playoff win. He has lost the benefit of the doubt and I'm not going to believe in him until he makes a game-winner from outside 40 yards or goes something like 4-4 in a game.