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Which coach would you want taking the Packers into the playoffs?

And you can't pick McCarthy.

Jim Rogash

We have a question for you guys to debate this week: Which coach would you want leading the Green Bay Packers into the playoffs this season?

Of course, in the interest of a fun and spirited debate, I'm going to add a caveat. Pretend this is a world in which Mike McCarthy has retired from coaching, and the Packers can pick up anyone else to coach the team. I'm fairly certain the majority of the opinion here would sway towards McCarthy, so I'd like to hear what you think the next best option is.

I could be swayed in a multitude of different directions here. I think that there are very strong cases for Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Tom Coughlin, or either Harbaugh. My current lean is Belichick simply because of the consistency with which he's brought his team deep into the playoffs, but Coughlin has beat him twice, and the Harbaugh brothers might end up more successful with time.

Thoughts? Vote in the poll and debate below.