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Week 16 NFL Schedule and open thread

Looking for a place to chat about non-Packers games? This is your spot.

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Happy Sunday. There's a nice, big slate of really good NFL games today and I don't think anyone will begrudge you sitting in front of the television all day long. The Green Bay Packers play at noon CT, during a number of other pretty decent but not marquee games. Giants-Ravens is the afternoon's big game, and the night game will be a must-watch one. On top of Seahawks-49ers being a great game by itself, it'll be relevant to the Packers' bye chances if they beat Tennessee.

12 p.m. CT games

Saints vs. Cowboys - FOX
Titans vs. Packers - CBS
Colts vs. Chiefs - CBS
Bills vs. Dolphins - CBS
Chargers vs. Jets - CBS
Redskins vs. Eagles - FOX
Bengals vs. Steelers - CBS
Rams vs. Buccaneers - FOX
Raiders vs. Panthers - CBS
Patriots vs. Jaguars - CBS
Vikings vs. Texans - FOX

3 p.m. CT games

Browns vs. Broncos - CBS
Bears vs. Cardinals - FOX
Giants vs. Ravens - FOX

SNF - 49ers vs. Seahawks