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Who is this year's offensive MVP?

Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning have both had incredible seasons while turning their teams' fortunes around, but which is the MVP?


In recent weeks, we've had debates on the best nicknames in the league and which coach you'd like leading your team into the playoffs. This week's debate question: Who is your offensive MVP, and why?

I think that there are a couple of excellent answers, depending on how you define the term 'Most Valuable Player'. Unlike the other debates, where I gave you a lot of options in the poll, you get three for this one: Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and other. If you pick other, I'd love to hear your case in the comments, because I'm struggling to manufacture a case for anyone else.

Peterson is probably not going to break the all-time single season rushing yards record this weekend (I hope), but he seems like a good bet to get over 2,000 yards for the year, and there's no question that the Vikings would be nowhere near playoff contention if they had an average, replacement-level running back. The Broncos are in a similar situation with Peyton Manning, who has completely transformed the Broncos while having an absolutely stellar season. However, their defense is stronger than Minnesota's, and they managed a win in the playoffs last year with a joke of a quarterback.

I'm not convinced either way, so I'd love to hear everyone's case about why one of Manning or Peterson deserves the MVP award over the other.