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Vikings vs. Packers: Working Class Hero Of The Week

In a game that featured long drives and long runs it's not surprising to find as many nominations for Working Class Hero as MVP. What may be surprising is how many skill position players ended up being nominated though...


Some weeks it’s easy to name MVP nominations and tough to name even one Working Class Hero, but this week the opposite seems to come through. On Sunday the Packers offense struggled to make the big plays, but just seemed to click with the little plays. They were able to maintain long drives, run the football, and work the middle of the field. It was different, but good football and something the Packers will need to perfect in order to defeat the two high safety look that has been plaguing them the last couple weeks.

Going to name some fan favorites for WHCW this week, but let’s start with possibly the most controversial nomination first….

TE Jermichael Finley – Finley’s style runs against the very spirit of this award, but the award isn’t given out for style it’s given for performance. Finley turned in a 6 reception 60 yard day. There were no drops, or at least no terrible drops depending on how you view the one incompletion in his direction, and no splashy touchdown catches….but when the Packers needed life in their offense they turned to Finley and it paid off. He moved the chains and kept the offense rolling. More than that he also made some great chip blocks in order to Aaron Rodgers the time needed for a couple key plays down the field. Blocking + Tough catches will give you this nomination just about every time.

FB John Kuhn – Kuhn turned in his normal workman like performance this week as well. He had some absolutely critical catches for the Packers as well as some good blocking. His runs were generally forgettable, but all in all it was a good day for everyone’s favorite fullback.

RT Don Barclay – Tomorrow we will probably have to start worrying about the state of T.J. Lang’s ankle, but that’s tomorrow. Today is the day to simply enjoy the fact that an UDFA rookie who barely made the team was able to shut down a pretty solid Viking defensive line. It wouldn’t of been unreasonable to think Lang’s injury would break the Packers’ offensive line in that game, but Barclay held up and did his job. That sort of key performance in the trenches gets him the nomination.

CB Davon House – It’s interesting watching House and Casey Hayward grow as cornerbacks this year. It is very much like watching a younger version of Al Harris and Charles Woodson back in the day. While Woodson always seemed to make the highlight reels and make the big picks, Harris seemed to be more of the shut down corner when he was firing on all cylinders. He would stick with his man, knock the ball away, play physical, and keep in his coverage. House is definitely filling in Harris’ shoes at the moment. He’s not a flashy as Hayward, but he is getting the job down and shutting down, or at least containing, the guy he’s covering week in and week out.

So there you have it, this week’s WCHW award is light on lineman, but heavy on guys doing their job. As always, if you think someone was overlooked then be sure to nominate him in the comments section.