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NFL schedule and open thread: Week 17

Chat about the non-Packers, non-primetime games here.

Jonathan Daniel

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The Green Bay Packers game has been flexed to the late afternoon, because both participants in the game have something on the line. Green Bay can clinch a bye, the Minnesota Vikings can clinch a playoff spot, and Adrian Peterson can get the single-season rushing record if he goes HAM. Even if he doesn't, 2,000 yards is a very real possibility and would be a great accomplishment.

We assume that you'll be watching football before the Packers game. Here's the schedule of other games. This is your open thread for early games and for the other late afternoon games. We will have separate threads for the Packers game and for Sunday Night Football. All times below are CT.

Buccaneers vs. Falcons - 12 pm, FOX and 704 on Sunday Ticket
Bears vs. Lions - 12 pm, FOX and 705 on Sunday Ticket
Panthers vs. Saints - 12 pm, FOX and 707 on Sunday Ticket
Eagles vs. Giants - 12 pm, FOX and 708 on Sunday Ticket
Jets vs. Bills - 12 pm, CBS and 710 on Sunday Ticket
Ravens vs. Bengals - 12 pm, CBS and 711 on Sunday Ticket
Texans vs. Colts - 12 pm, CBS and 712 on Sunday Ticket
Browns vs. Steelers - 12 pm, CBS and 714 on Sunday Ticket
Jaguars vs. Titans - 12 pm, CBS and 715 on Sunday Ticket
Packers vs. Vikings - 4:25 pm, FOX and 706 on Sunday Ticket
Dolphins vs. Patriots - 4:25 pm, CBS and 713 on Sunday Ticket
Raiders vs. Chargers - 4:25 pm, CBS and 717 on Sunday Ticket
Cardinals vs. 49ers - 4:25 pm, FOX and 718 on Sunday Ticket
Rams vs. Seahakws - 4:25 pm, FOX (not seeing Sunday Ticket listing, will update if someone finds it)
Chiefs vs. Broncos - 4:25 p.m., CBS and 716 on Sunday Ticket
Cowboys vs. Redskins - 8:20 p.m., NBC