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NFL coaches fired: Your Black Monday open thread

The Green Bay Packers are not going to fire their coach and GM. May teams already have, and many more will. Talk about it here.

Jonathan Daniel

As requested in today's edition of Cheese Curds, this is your Black Monday open thread. Even though there are playoffs coming this Saturday, everyone's focus is on the many people who are getting canned, because this is seriously the bloodiest Black Monday ever. The number of NFL coaches fired today has been astonishing.

Here is a link to SB Nation's StoryStream on today's happenings. I assume that the guy most people in this thread will be interested in is Lovie Smith, who has finally been let go by the Bears. While Lovie certainly knows how to set up a defense, and his players seem to like him, his offenses have been inconsistent at best, and he's horrific when it comes to clock management and challenges. I expect Lovie to get a job as a DC somewhere and have a long and successful career.

Who else interests you? Are you surprised the Chiefs haven't canned Scott Pioli yet? Discuss.