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Vikings vs. Packers, 2013 NFL playoff odds: Green Bay a heavy favorite

The Green Bay Packers are a nine-point opening line favorite for their Wild Card game against the Minnesota Vikings.


Apparently, Vegas didn't put much stock in the Minnesota Vikings' home victory on Sunday. Either that, or they know that people who gamble certainly didn't. The Green Bay Packers have opened as a nine-point favorite for Saturday's playoff game at Lambeau Field.

If that sounds a bit high ... well, that's because it is. I would have made the Packers a favorite by more than a field goal, perhaps by around a touchdown, but nine points is a heck of a lot for a playoff game. According to OddShark, a few books have already moved that line quite a bit. It's gone down to 7.5 points at a couple books.

I expect it to drop a bit more, then come up a bit before the half. If the line drops below seven points, the money will start shifting towards the Packers.

Have I telegraphed my pick for the game enough in this post? Barring an unexpected status of 'out' for Clay Matthews, Green Bay by a touchdown seems reasonable.