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Packers Sign Ryan Grant

Do you remember way back when in August, when people were wondering about the Packers would do at RB after an injury to James Starks in the first preseason game? There was a large debate about bringing in Cedric Benson or Ryan Grant. Simpler times.

Well it looks like those who thought that Grant would be the better choice than Benson will have a chance to prove they were right all along. Today Jason Wilde is reporting that the Packers have signed Grant in order to replace Starks who is injured once again. Grant spent the majority of his career with the Packers, but did have a cup of coffee with the Washington Redskins this season where he had all of one carry for five yards.

The good news about all of this is that Grant knows the system and could possibly teach Alex Green how to be a good one cut runner. The big question though is going to be how effective Grant could be this late in his career.

Stay tuned and we'll see how this all turns out.