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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for December 5, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today covering Mason Crosby, the possibility of a bye, and Bart Starr's health.

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Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Before we pass along some of the best writing and little news snippets from today, I figure we should get the big story out of the way. James Starks picked up a knee injury, and at this point, it is expected that he will miss the rest of the regular season. The Packers have reportedly signed Ryan Grant to replace him. You can read all about it right here.

In other news, Mason Crosby is still the Packers' kicker, Bart Starr's dealing with a health issue, and the NFC isn't that good.

Panic is not in Packers' vocabulary | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Tyler Dunne writes on how the team stays calm and doesn't make kneejerk decisions.

Packers legend Starr collapses during speech | FOX Sports Wisconsin

It sounds like he's going to be just fine, but this was scary to hear.

For Better or Worse, Crosby is McCarthy's Kicker | Cheesehead TV

For now.

First-round bye suddenly within reach | Green Bay Press-Gazette

So get tanking, Niners.

And a college bonus!

Bye bye, Bret: What's next? | Bucky's 5th Quarter

I've been working with Bucky's 5th Quarter on their coverage of the Wisconsin coaching situation and they're absolutely murdering coverage over there. We had 16 updates in a 5-hour period as a team yesterday, and we'll keep updating this stream today, so bookmark it.