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Super Bowl Media Day: Where No Actual News Is Made

Super Bowl Media Day Highlights: No, Tom Brady Will Not Touch Your Dragon - The strangest people in the media world show up for these things and I have no idea why the NFL lets them in. Also, it's kind of bizarre that they sold tickets to the event at Lucas Oil Stadium. It wasn't like that at Cowboys Stadium last year where they had coaches set up for interviews up in the seats. Unless the fans were sitting in one of the front rows, I doubt there was too much to see.

Super Bowl 2012, Key Matchup: How Will Giants Cover New England Tight Ends? - Big Blue View. Though TE Vernon Davis burned the Giants for two long touchdowns, the Giants did have a good plan to stop him (cover him with S Kenny Phillips and one other DB). Unfortunately the strategy didn't work on every play, and the Patriots have two great pass receiving TEs instead of just one.

Rob Gronkowski Injury: Patriots TE Loses The Boot At Media Day - However the Giants might catch a break due to injury. Dad broke the bad news about the high ankle sprain and it could be enough to turn the NFL's best TE into an ordinary player.