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Packers 2012 Free Agents: Pat Lee

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There is only one unrestricted free agent for the Green Bay Packers that I haven't written about yet. In the 2008 draft, GM Ted Thompson traded out of the first round and back into the second. With their own pick still in hand, and an additional one from the Browns acquired in the Corey Williams trade, the Packers now had three second round choices. The first one was a great success (Jordy Nelson). The second one was a colossal bust (Brian Brohm). And the third hasn't been a great success, but he's been on the roster ever since: CB Pat Lee.

That was a pretty modest haul for three second round picks, but at least they did manage to find Jermichael Finley in the third round.

The scouts saw something in Lee, and it looked like he could play man coverage in the NFL. He played a little in his rookie season before a knee injured landed him on I.R. A preseason knee injury ended the 2009 campaign before it could even begin. He didn't play much upon his return in 2010, but he replaced Sam Shields for a while during the Super Bowl and he wasn't a liability.

It probably says a lot about him that while the secondary was falling apart last season he was still never able to crack the rotation. He played in all 16 games on special teams, and only recorded 10 tackles for the season. He barely held onto his roster spot entering the 2011 season, but I can't imagine they'll be asking him to return in 2012.