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I'm Guessing The Packers Won't Be In Attendance

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Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III each will have his Pro Day workout for NFL teams Thursday, March 22. Which would you rather attend?
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I wouldn't expect the Green Bay Packers to attend either of their pro day workouts, but they should be in the market for a new quarterback to replace Matt Flynn. They'll certainly be taking a look at some quarterbacks during the scouting process.

Maybe Andrew Luck feels obligated to hold a workout for scouts, but I don't see what the point is. Are the Colts not going to draft him? Might they be willing to trade down? If Luck has a poor workout, would the Colts consider drafting someone else? I can't imagine anything happening other than Luck to the Colts.

Robert Griffin III will certainly be a high draft choice, maybe No. 2 overall if the Rams find a trade to their liking. I like Justin Blackmon but a package of three or four high draft choices for Griffin might be too good to pass up. He actually could use a strong pro day to his advantage and find himself right behind Luck in the draft.

As for a quarterback the Packers might draft, since they had success with Flynn as a 7th round pick, maybe they should take another one at the end of the draft. CBS Sports mentions a couple guys who might be worth a 7th round pick: Boise State's Kellen Moore and Houston's Case Keenum. Obviously they aren't great prospects, but we're talking about a 7th round pick. They also graded Yale's QB Patrick Witt as a 7th rounder, but that guy comes with some major baggage.