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Seahawks Overpay For Ex-Packer T Breno Giacomini

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Seahawks Re-Sign OT Breno Giacomini - Field Gulls. After hiring a new head coach, former Packers executive and current Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie is starting to purge the bad contracts of Al Davis. If the Raiders stop handing out bad contracts like the unforgettable Javon Walker deal, some other team is going to take over the NFL lead in this category.

The Seahawks have gotten off to a questionable start by agreeing to pay ex-Packer practice squad player, T Breno Giacomini, an average annual salary of $3 million ($6 million total) over the next two years. He does appear to have improved over the past couple seasons in Seattle, but he's still regarded as a backup. And $3 million per season is pretty high for a backup.

At least they have a good reason for it. The Seahawks do need some depth they can count on because their projected starters, LT Russell Okung and RT James Carpenter, have had trouble with injuries so far in the NFL careers.

The Seahawks aren't close to becoming the next Raiders, but I'd have spit out my Spotted Cow if I'd read about the Green Bay Packers paying $3 million per season for a backup lineman.