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The Packers Have A Decision To Make With Donald Driver

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Green Bay Packers news | Driver willing to take pay cut to stay with team | Green Bay Press Gazette. WR James Jones might be the problem here if the Green Bay Packers want Donald Driver to take a pay cut. Would Driver agree to be paid less than Jones?

While it might seem like Jones should be paid more than Driver based on current potential, Driver can make a case that he's just as good now. Jones is more of a deep threat and had a lot more receiving yards last season (635 to 445). But Jones and Driver were very similar in a few other categories including receptions (38 to 37), targets (55 to 56), and touchdowns (7 to 6). If Jones is to be paid about $2.5 million in 2012, how much should Driver be paid?

According to the Press-Gazette, Driver is scheduled to be paid a $2.2 million roster bonus in March and a $2.6 million salary for 2012. The Packers could reduce his base salary to the veteran's minimum of $700,000, but that would still be nearly $3 million in total. It's possible he could receive a one-year contract worth around $3 million if he we're a free agent.