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Former Packer RB Dorsey Levens On Outside The Lines

Outside the Lines: Dorsey Levens - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I hadn't known about former Green Bay Packers RB Dorsey Levens's involvement with concussion-related issues until I saw watched this Outside the Lines segment.

I can understand why the NFL isn't keen on discussing concussions, it can't be spun as a selling point under any circumstances, but the current and former players are doing a good job of making this subject better known. While concussions have been part of the NFL forever, and I was first made aware of them years ago when former Badger great and Jets WR Al Toon was forced to retire, I never realized the seriousness of the problem.

The NFL has taken steps recently to improve the evaluation process. But then a team makes a serious mistake, like the one the Chargers made, when they allowed Kris Dielman to get onto a plane after he was concussed during a game, which led to an in-flight seizure.