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Pro Football Focus's List Of The Top 50 Free Agents

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PFF's Top 50 Free Agents | It seems like most unrestricted free agents who leave for another team turn out to be a high priced flop, so I'm glad that there aren't even a lot of tempting options out there for the Green Bay Packers. Matt Flynn will be playing elsewhere in 2012, but otherwise the best course of action might be to just re-sign their own free agents anyway.

The Packers could really use a pass rusher, but the best ones are defensive ends like Mario Williams, Robert Mathis, John Abraham, and Cliff Avril. And they're all better suited for a 4-3 defense rather than the Packers 3-4 scheme that relies heavily on their linebackers. Maybe Williams is the exception, he played well as a 3-4 LB for the Texans before a torn pectoral muscle, but the Packers don't have the cap space to make a serious run for him.

I don't exactly know how they did it, but some teams have an insane amount of cap space. The Chiefs and the Buccaneers are $60 million under the salary cap. I don't know why they wouldn't each target one of the top available free agents and make an immediate upgrade. Though the Chiefs might spend a lot of money if they just re-sign their top two free agents: CB Brandon Carr and WR Dwayne Bowe.