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The Packers 2012 Salary Cap Is About At $110 Million

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Adjusting salary cap for rollover totals - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I'm just getting familiar with the new reality of cap rollovers. I used to like it when the Green Bay Packers extended a contract during the season because they used up some of their remaining salary cap room. But now that left over space can be rolled into the next year.

According to ESPN, the Packers have about $10 to $11 million in cap space. That's not great and I would expect they'll need more room than that to re-sign players and sign draft picks. But that's before they make some tough decisions on the future of long-time players like Chad Clifton and Donald Driver, who may have priced themselves off the roster.

But they can't hamstring their future salary cap space now. Their big 2013 free agents will be LG T.J. Lang and WR Greg Jennings, and I'd expect they'll want to re-sign both players. Plus, Aaron Rodgers might look underpaid depending on the contract Drew Brees signs this offseason, and it might become something he wants them to address sooner rather than later.