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Former Packers DB Chuck Cecil Is Coaching Again In The NFL

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Rams Hire Chuck Cecil To Coach Defensive Backs - Turf Show Times. This is a story about the Rams hiring a position coach who used to be a defensive coordinator. But it also involves former Green Bay Packers DB Chuck Cecil.

Cecil was a drafted before former GM Ron Wolf was hired in 1991. He was a big hitting safety who was named to the Pro Bowl in 1992. Now this was before the Packers signed DE Reggie White, so Cecil was playing on a defense without a lot of big name talent. And I couldn't believe it when the Packers let him leave in free agency in 1993.

In hindsight, it was another example of how Ron Wolf is a whole lot smarter about football than I am. Cecil was a big hitter, and like some big hitting safeties, he was as much of a danger to himself as he was to his opponents. At the bottom of this post is a link to a huge hit he put on Bears RB Neal Anderson with current 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh at quarterback. His style made for dramatic plays, but it also left him battered and bruised. He only played in 29 more games over three years after leaving the Packers.

And this is also another example of why I'm not really high on the Rams decision to hire Jeff Fisher. The Titans had some pretty good reasons why they fired Fisher and Cecil last year.