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SI: Packer Team Needs At Left Tackle, Defensive End and Defensive Back

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Every NFL team's path to success in the offseason - Jeff Diamond - I'm not sure why Jeff Diamond thinks left tackle is a priority for the Green Bay Packers. They just used their last two first round draft choices on offensive tackles, and there's no way they'll do it again this April. Chad Clifton might be nearing the end of the line, but the future should belong to Derek Sherrod, with Marshall Newhouse holding down the fort until Sherrod's healthy and more experienced. Plus, they could move Bryan Bulaga to left tackle if it's really a problem.

However, he's right on about the next position. First he said defensive end was the priority, but then he changed the topic point to pass rusher. Either one sounds good to me.

He then mentions that Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson "need to play better." Williams had an off year, but Woodson was just as good as he's been over the past few seasons. Either way, I'm not expecting the Packers to give either of them any serious competition for their jobs next season. Sam Shields might be in more danger because he gave up a lot of receiving yards last season, and his poor tackling forced the coaches to split his time in the NFC Divisional playoff game with Jarrett Bush. Still, I expect the Packers will give Shields another chance in 2012 before using a high draft choice to replace him.

I would like to see them draft a safety who would be a better starter than Charlie Peprah, if Nick Collins isn't cleared next month to play in 2012.