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Packer Cornerbacks Missed A Lot Of Tackles Last Seaon

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2011 Tackling: The Cornerbacks | It's not too surprising to find out that part of the reason why the Green Bay Packers led the NFL in yards allowed is that they missed a lot of tackles. From Pro Football Focus:

Charles Woodson (15), Jabari Greer (17) and Woodson's Green Bay teammate Tramon Williams (16) all found themselves down at the wrong end, with the Green Bay duo helping to explain why the Packers' defense was hemorrhaging yardage at an alarming rate all the way through the season.

Also, Sam Shields missed 10 tackles for the season. It was a disappointing sophomore season for the undrafted player, and he'll need to bounce back next season. Or start looking over his shoulder to see how Davon House is developing.

Woodson is a little bit more complicated to evaluate. He certainly missed some tackles last season, but my recollection is that a few of them were on seemingly blown coverage assignments. He was trying to tackle someone who wasn't his man. It wasn't always clear what his role was on any given play.

Williams deserves a pass for last season because his injured shoulder was bothering him. There were times that he did seem to favor it, and he tried to avoid leading with it. However, he can't have the same problems again next season.