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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper Says Harrison Smith To The Packers

DraftWatch: Mel Kiper mock 2.0 - NFC North Blog - ESPN. And with the No. 28 overall selection, Mel Kiper Jr. selects Notre Dame SS Harrison Smith for the Green Bay Packers.

As a huge Packer fan, I'd try and put the best spin possible on this hypothetical selection, but really I'd hate this pick. CBS Sports has Smith ranked as the No. 102 player overall, and describes him as a "defender whose shortcomings athletically are exposed in coverage" and "lacks ideal body flexibility" and "Needs to be a more technically-sound tackler." He sounds like Aaron Rouse version 2.0. Which would make his selection possible because GM Ted Thompson did draft Rouse after all (in the 3rd round).

Maybe Smith will shine at the NFL Combine, but otherwise he looks like a 3rd round pick to me. This is a weak draft class for safeties.

If the Packers were to take a defensive back in the 1st round, I'd much rather they select someone like South Carolina's CB Stephon Gilmore. He's a great athlete who started 40 games in college, which is more than many seniors, and he's coming out as an underclassman. Take the great athlete now, and figure out who should play safety later.