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The Lions Have A Salary Cap Mess On Their Hands

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Mac's Football Blog: Lions Plan Patient Approach To Free Agency.

Though they lost their first round playoff game to Saints, it's been an impressive turnaround for the Lions from 0-16 to the playoffs in only three seasons. And the three players who have had arguably the most to do with their turnaround (Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh) are killing their salary cap. Those three will account for almost $50 million of cap room next season, unless the Lions can re-negotiate their contracts.

And this is one thing that isn't Matt Millen's fault. Stafford was the top overall pick, while Suh and Johnson were top two. Those top draft picks were given insane contracts, and it was something they changed in the last collective bargaining agreement. Unfortunately for the Lions, the changes didn't come soon enough. They should be able to get something done now, but managing these three players huge cap numbers will be an ongoing problem for them.