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On The Packers Former Strength Coach Rock Gullickson

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Ex-Ram says team’s strength coaches are cancers in the locker room | ProFootballTalk. The strength coach for the Rams is former Green Bay Packers strength coach Rock Gullickson. Here's the tweet from the former player, FB Mike Karney. Via Turf Show Times, this isn't the first time Karney has spoke his mind about his former coach. Maybe it's just some bitter words from a former player. Indeed, Gullickson has been praised in St. Louis for his work with DE Chris Long.

But his firing by the Packers in 2009 was a little strange. He'd been an important hire for Mike McCarthy in 2006, and he was let go after the disappointing 2008 season. McCarthy explained that "we need to do a better job in there." And it wasn't a turnover of the entire weight room staff in 2009; current strength and conditioning coordinator Mark Lovat has been working for the Packers since 1999.

In light of the recent changes to the offensive coaching staff, maybe this is a good reminder that sometimes Mike McCarthy doesn't make all the right moves. And maybe Gullickson wasn't one of his better hires.