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Talking About Jermichael Finley And Donald Driver

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Green Bay Packers position chat with Kareem Copeland: Feb. 16, 2012 | Green Bay Press Gazette |

Kareem Copeland did a great job fighting off the love for Green Bay Packers practice squad WR Tori Gurley (he went undrafted, and is on the practice squad, for a reason), and to a lesser extent, practice squad WR Diondre Borel.

Those guys are nice to have around in case injury strikes because they have some familiarity with the offense (i.e. hopefully they don't run the wrong route if they have to play), but that's it. Neither of them can replace Jermichael Finley's production, and neither of them can play tight end either.

Finley was inconsistent, but he still ranked as the No. 5 TE according to Football Outsiders. Defenses have to focus on stopping him because he's too fast for their linebackers, and too big for their defensive backs. Also, on a per game basis in 2010, Football Outsiders ranked him their No. 2 TE. I like to see players put up back-to-back strong seasons, and he's done it.

Kareem Copeland also said that Donald Driver sounded like he knew "his time in GB was done." I agree with Aaron Nagler that Driver still has some football left in him, but I was actually surprised Driver returned last season. Injuries ruined his 2010 season, and by the end of it, Jordy Nelson had moved ahead of him. It would be nice to see him return, but GM Ted Thompson hasn't been too sentimental with his roster decisions.