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The Raiders Want To Interview Packers CB Coach Joe Whitt

Raiders ask Packers permission to interview Joe Whitt | ProFootballTalk. In 2010, Green Bay Packers cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt was quoted a lot more when CB Sam Shields came out of nowhere to be a solid nickel back. And when CB Tramon Williams made the jump from good to great during the Packers playoff run.

There hasn't been as much talk about him during the 2011 season because Shields went through a sophomore slump and Williams allowed over twice as many passing yards during the regular season. The problems at safety are not directly his responsibility because Darren Perry coaches that position.

But defensive success relies on great play from the players on the field, and Whitt can't be given all the blame for a disappointing season. He's still very young (age 33, Charles Woodson is 35) and he's certainly a coach on the rise. I expect the Packers won't give their permission, but it's the team's choice.