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Cullen Jenkins Re-Works His Contract With The Eagles

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Jenkins Wants To Retire An Eagle. I won't pretend to be an expert on the Eagles salary cap situation, but DT Cullen Jenkins had a 2012 cap charge that was too high. The five-year, $25 million deal he signed last summer could have become a one-year $4 million rental, but apparently the Eagles liked what they saw last season. His new deal is believed to be for four years.

He basically did with the Eagles what he usually did with the Packers: 5.5 sacks and he was a Pro Bowl alternate. I expect that when the terms of the deal are released, they'll have provided him with a lot more guaranteed money than he received last year. And he'll be paid a similar annual average of around $5 million per year.

I'd rather that he was still a member of the Packers, but apparently GM Ted Thompson thought there was some risk to him. Obviously the Eagles disagreed. We'll have to wait and see which team was right.