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Pro Football Focus On The Packers Guards and Center

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2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Guards and Centers | It was a very good 2011 for the three interior offensive lineman on the Green Bay Packers.

RG Josh Sitton. Injuries took some of the shine off his season, but he was still ranked as the 5th best pass blocking guard of 2011. They extended his contract last September, and it should be less than the free agent money that will soon be handed out to Carl Nicks. They're getting a very good player and not paying top dollar.

LG T.J. Lang. He comes in right behind Sitton at No. 7 overall. He had a bad playoff game, he allowed a hit on Aaron Rodgers that turned a certain touchdown into a lost fumble, but that shouldn't take away from what was an otherwise solid year. He's also the only Packer to have played every snap last season. Unfortunately he's going to be a free agent (maybe an expensive one) after 2012, and it might force the Packers to look for some depth on the offensive line in the draft.

C Scott Wells. The more I look at his free agent situation, the more I think he's going to leave. If they re-sign Wells and extend Lang, the interior of the offensive line has all of a sudden become very expensive. Maybe too expensive. And Wells deserves to get paid, he was the 3rd best pass blocking center last season according to Pro Football Focus. But he's also the oldest of these three players, and if one of them has to go, I can understand why it would be him.

As for who might sign him, take a look at the teams with some of the worst centers last season. Teams near the bottom like the Broncos, 49ers, and Patriots all have salary cap room and could use an upgrade at the position.