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Pro Football Focus On The Packers Offensive Tackles

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2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Offensive Tackles | Both lineman who played the most snaps at offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers are listed in this article.

RT Bryan Bulaga. In his 2010 rookie season, Pro Football Focus rated him as one of the worst starting tackles. One year later, he warrants a Pro Bowl selection, and he's ranked 10th overall in 2011 pass blocking efficiency among tackles. Sometimes players take a big jump in their second year, and Bulaga certainly falls into that catagory. Which brings me to...

LT Marshall Newhouse. He's ranked 7th from the bottom (No. 69 overall) and his 54 pressures allowed tied for 5th worst overall. But I'm optimistic about his future.

He didn't necessarily improve throughout the season, he had a bad early season game against the Broncos and Von Miller, and a bad late regular season game against Jason Pierre-Paul. When he had a bad game, it was really bad, and it was usually against an elite pass rusher. But for most of the season he played well, and Aaron Rodgers was talking about his improvement.

He's not the long-term plan at left tackle, that role still belongs to Derek Sherrod, but he too could make the jump next season, just as Bulaga did in 2011. While last season wasn't technically his rookie year, he barely played at all in 2010, and he now has a full season of experience under his belt. And it would be fine if the Packers went into next season with Newhouse penciled in at left tackle.