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An Interview With Greg Jennings With A Quote On Their Playoff Loss

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Green Bay Packers news | Q&A: Greg Jennings on football, acting, fans, philanthropy | Green Bay Press Gazette. After their playoff loss to the Cardinals two years ago, I used it as the basis for what the Green Bay Packers needed to do in the offseason. I didn't expect any flashy free agent moves, but they needed depth in the secondary and they needed to adjust the defensive scheme so a quarterback like Kurt Warner couldn't torch them like that again. While the pass defense was solid for most of 2009, it all fell apart in a couple of bad, late season games.

But if I had to use the playoff loss to the Giants as the blueprint for fixing the 2012 Packers, I'd be at a loss to do anything except blow up the entire roster. Every unit played poorly, and many reliable players gave up big plays. They didn't resemble the team I've watched for the past three seasons. And that's how Greg Jennings saw it too. From the Press-Gazette:

There are times a coach will come into a team meeting after a game, and you know in your heart of hearts that there are a couple of guys who didn't live up to the requirement of their job. And the coach will say, we win as a team we lose as a team, they won't just point out a couple guys. But after that game, it was seriously and legitimately everyone.

Sometimes you just have a bad game. It came at the worst time, but that can't be changed. They didn't resemble the team I'd watched over the last three years. Fix the defense that was an obvious problem throughout the entire season and put that playoff loss to the Giants in the rear view mirror.