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Nick Collins Is Doing Just Fine And The Big Test Comes Next Month

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Next month is when Green Bay Packers FS Nick Collins will meet with the doctors to determine whether his spinal fusion surgery was a success. While this is the same surgery that Peyton Manning went through, we aren't getting the constant national debate about it with Collins as we are with Manning.

I've been a bit pessimistic about Collins's return to the NFL. Maybe that's because I remember what happened to WR Sterling Sharpe during the 1990s, when a neck injury prematurely ended his career. There don't seem to be a lot of players out there who have successfully returned to the NFL after spinal fusion surgery.

However, when I've written about their 2012 salary cap, I haven't added anything to the amount of room they would save if they released Collins. They won't release a him if he's cleared to play. But, just as they did with Sharpe back in 1995, they won't pay him or keep him on their cap if he can't play.

Until then, we'll wait, and I hope he's able to return and take up a big part of their cap room next season.