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Now The Packers Can Use The Franchise Tag On Ryan Grant Or Jarrett Bush

How could they even consider letting him leave?
How could they even consider letting him leave?

Well, theoretically, the Green Bay Packers could now use the franchise tag on either of them.

With Jermichael Finley now re-signed on a two-year deal, which will pay him $10.2 million over the next 13 months, they could use franchise tag on a different player.

Matt Flynn! Let the speculation begin! I'm more optimistic now that they'll be able to tag-and-trade him, and former Packers VP (and cap guru) Andrew Brandt did think they could do it. But it seems unlikely that everything will fall into place. First they'll have to clear some cap room to afford his $14.4 million cap charge (probably by releasing Chad Clifton and Donald Driver), then find a trade partner willing to give Flynn a big contract and willing to surrender a high draft choice. The last two times GM Ted Thompson actually used the franchise tag was to keep his players (Ryan Pickett and Corey Williams). It just happened that the Browns made an offer he couldn't refuse. However, it does seem like the Packers should be able to get something for him because the Patriots did the same thing with Matt Cassel in 2009.

Scott Wells. He's a long-time starter who made his first Pro Bowl last season, and the team wants to keep him. But he's an awful candidate for the franchise tag because the cost for an offensive lineman ($9.4 million) is probably twice as much as the Packers actually want to pay him.

Ryan Grant. No, he's not getting the franchise tag. But Adam Schefter pointed out the Top 4 free agent running backs, and I'd prefer Grant over any of them except Marshawn Lynch. It's hard to judge Grant's cumulative stats because he was rarely used last season, but according to Football Outsiders, on a per play basis, Grant was ranked as the 19th best RB in 2011.

Jarrett Bush! OK, now it's getting silly. No one other than Flynn is a candidate for the franchise tag. But, unless some team is delusional enough to think that Bush can start in the NFL, he's the free agent they're most likely to re-sign. If they can keep him for around $2 million in 2012, I think they'd do it. But they'll probably allow him to test the market first. I know that doesn't make any sense, but the coaches have a man crush for him.