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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Packers Select Kendall Reyes

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Kendall Reyes, Connecticut, NFL Draft - - In Rob Rang's current mock draft, he has the Green Bay Packers selecting Connecticut DL Kendall Reyes.

They need help on the line more than anything, and Reyes is surprisingly agile for a guy 6-4 and 296 lbs. He may still be growing, so he could be even more impressive in a year or two.

But this pick is a stretch. National Football Post has him ranked as the 9th best defensive tackle, which would make him a second round pick. Neither CBS or National Football Post admit he's much of a pass rusher, and they say that he won't be a great run stopper until he does a better job of playing at a lower pad level. If he's not a great pass rusher or run defender, I'm not exactly sure what he's bringing to the table.

Most college players are projects in some respect who need NFL coaching to improve their game, but he looks really raw. While they don't need to focus on someone who's a finished product, they're built to win now and they'll need someone who can at least step into a rotational role next season. If he'll need need a redshirt NFL rookie season to develop, then he's probably not a good pick for the Packers.