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Will The Vikings Trade The No. 3 Overall Pick?

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Mac's Football Blog: Vikings Open To Moving Out Of No. 3 Spot. Right now, it looks like the smart money is on the Rams trading out of the No. 2 spot and letting someone else draft Robert Griffin III. Since the Rams should be able to get a lot of high draft picks for the right to draft Griffin, that's probably the right move for their team.

So any team that wants Griffin isn't going to make a trade with the Vikings and that will hurts the trade value of their No. 3 overall selection. But that's not a bad thing because they'll be left to select one of three great players: LT Matt Kalil, CB Morris Claiborne, or WR Justin Blackmon. They could use help at all three positions, and those are the three best players at their respective spots. There might be a preference for one over the other, but they can make a strong case for any one of them.

There usually is some chatter that the team with the No. 1 overall pick is open to trading it, except for this year, so it isn't unusual to see the Vikings showing a willingness to deal. But I don't think they can get fair value for this pick because those three players are so good and would fit so well on their team.