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2012 NFL Draft: Should Teams Focus On A Receiver's Height?

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One of the main purposes of the NFL combine is to find out the true height and weight of these prospects. So it's not a big surprise that one of the stories on Friday was that Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon isn't as tall as everyone thought, and he may fall out of the top ten, which is where most mock drafts have expected him to go. But should this really matter?

Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings stands at 5-11. If the teams knew he'd be a Pro Bowl wide receiver, wouldn't somebody have drafted him in the Top 10? Here's the 2006 draft class. Those silly Packers should have passed on A.J. Hawk and taken Jennings in the first round! Obviously the Packers liked him, but he was still drafted behind Daryn Colledge. Of the three wide receivers drafted ahead of Jennings that year, only Santonio Holmes is still playing in the NFL.

I can understand why this is important. If you're drafting a wide receiver at the top of the draft, you'd like him to be big fast and strong like Calvin Johnson (6-5, 236 lbs.) or Larry Fitzgerald (6-3, 218 lbs.). But if you really need a wide receiver in the pass dominant NFL, I don't know why you'd only look for the next Johnson or Fitzgerald when you could be missing out on the next Greg Jennings.