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Will The Packers Be Ready For Tackle Practice?

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McCarthy: 'Our tackling will be better' The Green Bay Packers need to do a lot better job on defense next season, that's obvious. Every season should be about trying to make your team better, even if last season's record was 15-1. Mike McCarthy's always been a coach who's talked about improving the fundamentals, so this line of discussion was no surprise.

I did get a laugh out of this line from "when Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks bounced off a defender at midfield and and turned a short pass into a long touchdown run." Who could that unnamed defender have been? I guess Charlie Peprah he must not be named. UPDATE: Maybe he deserved a pass today since it's his birthday.

Vic Ketchman says most of the discussion focused on Matt Flynn. McCarthy said "he's ready to be a starter." The Detroit Lions would agree.

He seems happy, unsurprisingly, that they've re-signed Jermichael Finley. And he seemed to hedge his bets about the return of Scott Wells.