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The Packers Talks With Scott Wells Are Going "Nowhere"

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Via Pro Football Talk, who's constantly appalled at the unofficial start of free agency (which is probably why the Green Bay Packers re-signed TE Jermichael Finley before his agent could talk to a bunch of teams at the NFL Combine), is this tweet from Bob McGinn:

If you're not familiar with Chris Myers, he's a very good, under the radar center, who's similar to Scott Wells in ability and age. Myers is even more highly regarded than Wells by Pro Football Focus, who are fans of Wells too. The Texans are tight against the salary cap, so re-signing Myers might be a problem.

The Texans run a zone blocking scheme. When Mike McCarthy first arrived in 2006, zone blocking was the scheme he adopted for the offense, but I think they've drifted away from that philosophy over the past few seasons. Myers might not be as good a fit as Wells for that reason.

The real story is that they're having a hard time coming to an agreement with Wells. I don't really believe the Packers would be a suitor for Myers. He'll be a high-priced free agent signing, and that isn't something the Packers have done in recent years. If they aren't going to pay Wells, then they won't give that much money to Myers either. This seems like an effort to gauge the market for a veteran center, and see if they can wait for Wells to drop his price, or whether it's time to move on.