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Mike McCarthy Talks About His Secondary

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Packers plan to keep Woodson at corner - JSOnline. This headline for the Green Bay Packers focuses on Charles Woodson, but Mike McCarthy discusses nearly every member of the secondary.

Woodson would make a fine safety, but I'm not sure where this talk even comes from. Maybe it's because some players have made the switch from cornerback to safety at the end of their career. Really, how many former NFL cornerbacks are now playing at safety? Some players go back and forth, but it's not like all the great veteran cornerbacks make the switch to hang around for a couple more seasons. When he's no longer good enough to play cornerback, he probably won't be good enough to play safety either.

Anthony Levine and M.D. Jennings. Levine has been on the practice squad for most of the past two seasons, while Jennings was usually inactive during his rookie season while remaining on the 53-man roster. After Nick Collins was hurt, and Morgan Burnett broke his hand, it didn't sound like Jennings was ready to play (Burnett played with a cast on his hand instead). But now, McCarthy said "Jennings really came on" and "[Levine]'s very much improved." They'll be two players to watch next season. He also seemed pleased with how Burnett plays in coverage and "down in the box" against the run.

McCarthy said Tramon Williams "was never right" last season due to his shoulder injury, and Sam Shields "has to play better" while explaining that his "issues are confidence."

Jarrett Bush. "He's one of my guys." "Frankly, I should have used 'JB' more." I guess I'll agree to disagree: Bush drives me crazy, and the coaches love him.