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T.J. Lang Speaks Out In Support Of Scott Wells

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Lang makes case for Packers to keep Wells - JSOnline. It's no surprise that Green Bay Packers LG T.J. Lang wants to see his teammate, C Scott Wells, return next season. Teammates usually stick up for each other, and he knows Wells's value to their offensive line. Lang said "He makes a lot of mistakes disappear."

Lang graded out very well last season, and at least part of his success has to attributed to playing next to Wells. It's possible he could take a step back next season if Wells doesn't return.

On the other hand, the reason the team is driving such a hard bargain with Wells is that Lang will be a free agent after next season, and it's possible that he'll be an expensive one. If former Packer LG Daryn Colledge is being paid $5 million per season, why shouldn't some team pay the same average salary to Lang?

That can be a tough reality between teammates, but the Packers might effectively be choosing Lang over Wells.