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Pro Football Focus On The Packers Team Needs

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Team Needs 2012 ... Green Bay Packers | There are no surprises here for the Green Bay Packers. GM Ted Thompson needs to stop bargain shopping for an outside linebacker. LT Marshall Newhouse showed some promise, but overall his stats were a disaster. While no one in the secondary graded out well, S Charlie Peprah was really a liability.

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One thing mentioned in the article that really got my attention was the idea of re-signing S Atari Bigby. I'd written him off because he just couldn't stay healthy. He only started two games for the Seahawks last season, but he did make it through the entire schedule without missing a game.

While GM Ted Thompson isn't prone to signing many free agents, he has brought back players who had previously been let go (Evan Dietrich-Smith, Spencer Havner). He wouldn't return as a starter, but they could use the depth.