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2012 Super Bowl: Injuries, Unsung Heroes, and Miss America

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Unfortunately for Miss America, the Green Bay Packers are not in the Super Bowl this year. She'll have to settle for a phone call from Aaron Rodgers. I hope he hasn't kept her waiting.

Super Bowl Talking Points: Rob Gronkowski Will Play On Sunday (Of Course He Will) - The closest thing to a news story this week has been his high ankle sprain. He practiced on Thursday, so it would be a shock if he couldn't play on Sunday.

Super Bowl 2012: Ahmad Bradshaw's Injury Is Looking Better - A broken bone in his right foot forced him to miss a few games, and his total yards and yards per carry are down this season. He's had trouble holding onto the ball in the past (7 fumbles in 2010) but only 1 fumble this season. He doesn't have to do a lot for them, but he does have to hold onto the ball.

Patriots Unsung Heroes: Brian Waters - Pats Pulpit. He was one of the best free agent signings last year.

Tracy White Making His Impact Beyond Special Teams - Pats Pulpit. A former Packer LB is still hanging around the league because he makes a lot of tackles on special teams. As the title suggests, the Patriots have had him play defense this season, but he didn't do much with his defensive opportunities when he was with the Packers.