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Packers WR Randall Cobb Wins For 2011 NFL Play of the Year

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Green Bay Packers news | Season-opening kickoff return wins Cobb NFL Play of the Year award | Green Bay Press Gazette. The biggest news was the MVP award, but Green Bay Packers rookie WR Randall Cobb was also recognized at the NFL Honors Show for his 108 yard kickoff against the Saints.

I find it hard to name just one play as the best play of the year. Should it be for an amazing highlight? A play that somehow turned a team's entire season around? His kick return wasn't a play that turned their season around, and they could have won the game even without it. But it was a very memorable play that these voters remembered as the best play they saw all season.

I was more impressed by Cobb's contributions to the special teams unit overall, which had been lowly ranked over the past couple seasons. In 2011, Football Outsiders ranked them No. 8 overall. What he gave them was a lot better than the poor production they had on returns in 2010.

My thanks to WildPack86 for his earlier Fan Post.

By the way, if you haven't of this award before, I believe it's a brand new one included as part of the new NFL Honors Show at the Super Bowl. Here's more from SB Nation NFL Editor Joel Thorman. NFL Honors Show: The View From Behind The Scenes - He's the one pictured with the beard who isn't Colts C Jeff Saturday.