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Brett Favre Made It An Entire Season Without Coming Out Of Retirement

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Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Brett Favre Didn’t Miss Playing This Season Until the Playoffs Rolled Around. The entire 2011 season has come and gone, and Brett Favre didn't come out of retirement. From Sports Radio Interviews:

On looking back at the retirement process:

"It went a lot smoother than the previous three or four years. At the end of last season, I’d said in year’s past that I knew. I really knew this time. I got beat up a little bit physically, but I still felt like I could still do it, but I just felt like it was time."

There were some unsubstantiated rumors that one team or another wanted him to return, but nothing ever came of it. I thought it would take an injury to finally end his career, but it might have been the absence of Brad Childress (look out Cleveland) that did it. Maybe now the Packers can finally plan for that long ago cancelled ceremony.