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ESPN Mock Draft: Packers Select Ronnell Lewis

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Todd McShay mock draft 2.0 - NFC North Blog - ESPN. In his latest mock draft, he selected Oklahoma LB Ronnell Lewis for the Green Bay Packers. He stands 6-2 and 244 lbs. While they could use an athletic outside linebacker to provide a pass rush, I'm not sure I like him in particular.

According to CBS, Lewis "has a lot of ability, but is still relatively unproven and raw." He's coming out early in part because he was "struggling with academics" and the "coaches advised him to go pro." School isn't for everyone, but "he was moved around a lot in college" and he'll probably have a lot to learn to become an NFL outside linebacker. If he wouldn't do enough to stay eligible at Oklahoma, his work ethic has to be considered.

The Packers haven't avoided players with some background concerns (DE Johnny Jolly, TE Andrew Quarless come to mind) but they haven't been selecting raw, unfocused players with high draft picks. I'm not really excited about his possible selection.

FYI - The quarterback being sacked in the picture is Diondre Borel, who the Packers have converted to a wide receiver and kept on their practice squad all of last season.