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Aaron Rodgers On The Packers QB Coach Search

New, comments | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Rodgers wouldn’t mind QB coach with playing experience. He was asked about the coach who I thought might be promoted to quarterbacks coach: current TE coach Ben McAdoo. That might be a great opportunity for McAdoo, but Aaron Rodgers said he'd rather have a coach who played quarterback. One name that was mentioned was former NFL QB Billy Joe Tolliver. From the Press-Gazette:

"I know Billy was in the mix back in 2006," said Rodgers. "We have a good relationship. I don’t know if he’s a candidate." Rodgers said he’d definitely be OK with Tolliver as quarterbacks coach.

Rodgers probably knows him through the American Century Championship. Tolliver appears to be quite the golfer. There are several ex-NFL QBs at that event, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'd be a good coach just because they've golfed with Rodgers.

QB coaches seem to be this odd mix of unknown guys, or failed offensive coordinators like Tom Clements who was hired by the Packers as QB coach after being fired by the Bills as the OC. Any good suggestions for their next QB coach?