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Packers 2012 Free Agents: Matt Flynn

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NFL Free Agency 2012: Matt Flynn, Mario Williams Among Marquee Names Hitting The Market - Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn is the top free agent according to this list at SB Nation, but he's the only one of the Packers free agents that has zero chance of returning. The only question is whether he'll be tagged-and-traded (unlikely due to salary cap limitations) or allowed to leave without receiving a draft pick in return. The Packers might receive a compensatory pick in 2013 depending on how those secretive NFL rules work.

Is there a team that he should not sign with? Maybe the Redskins because that franchise is such a mess, but he'd still put up good numbers. He'd be a disgustingly good fit with Joe Philbin and the Dolphins, but he'd transition easily with the Browns or Seahawks (the two other teams mentioned at the above link).

Looking back it's amazing he's come even this far as a former 7th round draft choice. I almost wish he wasn't this good so the Packers would've had a chance to re-sign him as a backup.