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Aaron Rodgers Discusses His Work In Broadcasting And Andrew Luck

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Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Aaron Rodgers Steps Into the Broadcast Booth, If Only For One Game. He said that the NBC people were initially worried about his energy level, but they ended up giving him a couple extra segments after his first one went well. However I was more interested in his thoughts on Andrew Luck taking over for Peyton Manning.

He didn't say much other than the Lucks and the Mannings should probably talk less about it. Though he'd be glad to talk to Luck if he had the opportunity. It's too bad he didn't go more into the similarities and differences between the two of them.

There is a similarity because Luck will be taking over for a franchise icon just as Aaron Rodgers did. But there's a big difference because Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck won't be on the roster at the same time. Everything about the football operations with the Colts, from the GM, to the head coach, to the quarterback, will be different next season. Every one of them is going to be under the same pressure to do a better job than the players and coaches that got them to the Super Bowl just two years ago. It wasn't like that for Rodgers since he had the same coaches (at first) and everyone got to watch him side-by-side with Brett Favre for his first three seasons. I think Luck is going to have a much smoother transition.