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Suh's Near The Bottom While Rodgers Is At The Top

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Vick, Burress, Suh, T.O. among most disliked athletes | ProFootballTalk. It's not too surprising that Lions DT Ndamukong Suh has landed near the top of this list after his disastrous season of late quarterback hits and foot stomping. He's still the most recognizable player on the Lions but for all the wrong reasons now.

Only two players from the NFC North are on the list for being recognizable for the right reasons (i.e. marketable) according to Sports Business Daily. Aaron Rodgers is number one, while Clay Matthews and his long locks are one of the few non-quarterbacks to make the Top 10. I was somewhat surprised that there were no running backs on it, which is just another sign of how the NFL has grown into a passing league over the last 30 years.