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The Packers New QB Coach Is Ben McAdoo

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Green Bay Packers news | Report: McAdoo named QB coach | Green Bay Press Gazette. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suggested earlier this week that he wouldn't mind a new quarterbacks coach with experience playing the position. Instead the Packers promoted from within, naming TE coach Ben McAdoo to the position.

This always seemed like the obvious choice. McAdoo is a young coach on the rise, and the Packers recently denied a request by the Buccaneers to interview him for their offensive coordinator's position. While they had every right to deny the interview request, to deny him an internal promotion might have caused some friction.

While Rodgers expressed a preference for someone with experience at QB, he's worked with McAdoo since 2006 and they're all familiar with each other. It should be a smooth transition.

So who will be the next TE coach? How about Bubba Franks! Just kidding, I expect the Packers will promote once again from within, maybe they'll promote Joel Hilgenberg from quality control assistant, and then promote an intern or a new face into the role of quality control assistant. Next man up.