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Looking At The Lions Upcoming Moves In Free Agency

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Team Needs 2012 ... Detroit Lions | The Lions have emerged as the Green Bay Packers most competitive NFC North rival, so what they do this offseason matters (for once).

They could use some help on the offensive line, and their playoff loss to the Saints showed that they could use some help on defense too. But, instead, they're probably focused on keeping the players they had last season.

Middle LB Stephen Tulloch was a great free agent signing, but unfortunately they only signed him for one year, and now they'll probably have to give him a raise in order to keep him. That's a problem for a team tight against the salary cap (maybe $1.3 million in room), especially if the salary cap could be less than expected.

They also want to re-sign CB Eric Wright, another free agent signed last summer to a one year contract, but he was "largely disappointing." Sean at Pride of Detroit thinks the Lions will let him explore the market, just like they did last year with CB Chris Houston, and then re-sign him after he realizes the demand of his services isn't that high.